Beauty Treatments Port Melbourne

Conveniently located in Melbourne, Facial Attraction have been treating clients from Port Melbourne with beauty treatment for over 10 years with two convenient locations in Melbourne and Ivanhoe.

Our treating clinicians have undertaken extensive training and have significant industry experience ensuring the safest and most appropriate treatment of your skin.

Treatment beauty options used by Facial Attraction for facial treatments include:

  • Electrolysis Port Melbourne

    Electrolysis Treatment is the only guaranteed way to get rid of that unwanted hair permanently. Multiple sessions are required to achieve best possible results.

  • Diathermy Port Melbourne

    We would normally recommend our laser treatments for larger areas. Diathermy is the cauterisation by heat current, of the visible capillaries

  • Skin Tag Removal Port Melbourne

    A skin tag is a small fleshy-colored benign growth consisting that protrudes from the skin occurring more frequently during and after middle age.

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  • Waxing Port Melbourne

    Waxing is a method of hair removal which easily removes the hair from the root, giving you up to 6 weeks of hair free skin. Almost any area of the body can be waxed, including eyebrows, face, bikini area, legs, arms, back, abdomen and feet

  • Tinting Port Melbourne

    Enhance, redefine and beautify your eyelashes and eyebrows with a tinting treatment today. An amazingly cost effective method to give your appearance back a youthful and healthy look.

  • Spray Tanning Centre Port Melbourne

    Naked tan is beautiful Australian wash ‘n’ wear 2 hour Tan, is fast acting and perfect for all skin types and colours. All solutions are made with a combination of the most natural tanning ingredients and contain no nanoparticles, parabens or SLS sulphates and NO alcohol

  • MediPedi® Port Melbourne

    Facial Attraction can soften callouses, corns, cracked heels or rough dry skin build-up on feet with DMK’s MediPedi® Treatment. MediPedi®guarantees amazing results in just one treatment leaving the roughest, most cracked and calloused feet smooth and soft