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Here at Facial Attraction we use TGA approved Dermal Rollers. We also use the new technology of dermal needling pens in our fabulous Vampire Facial Treatments.

Skin Needling in Melbourne is a minimally invasive treatment with little downtime, and makes the skin become thicker and healthier, by stimulating the bodies own regenerative processes. This results in new, healthier collagen and elastin fibres being produced. This regenerative process is triggered by creating miniature punctures in the skins surface using small needles. This is an extremely comfortable treatment, and only requires topical anaesthetic for medical grade rolling treatments. These newly created intentional microscopic punctures in the skins surface, trigger a cascade effect within the skin, to remove unwanted cells and create new cells, resulting in a more youthful skin.

Get the latest medical grade treatments right here at Facial Attraction. With clinics in Melbourne and Ivanhoe, we are your one stop shop.

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Full Face Skin Needling $299

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Before and After Dermal Rolling Treatment

Our Dermal Clinicians will customise a treatment plan for your needs, which may include professional home care products, to prepare your skin for this treatment, and care for your skin during the healing process and afterwards.

For best results from these treatments, we need to have your skin in the best possible health and strength that we can get it in, therefore, prepping of your skin beforehand may involve other treatments and/or products.

Note: Skin Needling may not be possible within 4 weeks of Injections, Cosmetic Tattooing and other skin treatments. This will be discussed at your consultation.

A good programme of hygienic home care will avoid any spots or minor infections occurring, as well as get the best possible healing result for your skin. With the correct ingredients applied at the best possible times, we can achieve the best results.

This knowledge comes from years of education and experience. Using incorrect products can actually create detrimental results. Even using amazing products at the wrong times can be damaging to the results of this treatment. Be sure to book your skin needling treatments with an experienced Dermal Clinician, like we have here at Facial Attraction.