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100% natural, no preservatives, colours, or fragrances

The philosophy Facial Attraction Laser and Skin adopts is that inflammation is the core cause of all skin conditions.

Traditional skin care lines have primarily selected ingredients that create excessive inflammation when addressing skin concerns, in the hope that this will encourage the skin to heal itself more rapidly.

Instead of wounding the skin the Osmosis Dermal Infusion, with its potent liposomal delivery of calming, antibacterial, lightening and dermal remodelling ingredients is great for every skin condition.

Containing 8 re-modelling ingredients to target the deepest layer of your skin (the dermis) the Osmosis Dermal Infusion is perfect for every skin condition and can be customized with boosters to target your own needs

It is an extremely safe procedure, non-acidic, non-inflammatory and no problems after treatment because it’s free of alpha/beta hydroxyl acids and it is therefore tolerated by all skin types.

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The infusions are generally performed in courses of 4 or 6 and achieve amazing results when targeting hormonal pigmentation, acne, pitted scarring, ageing & sun damage.

Types Of Infusions and Peels

A truly amazing, & effective customized peel including scrub, steam & extractions, Ideal for a clear, smooth & blemish-free back.
Good for oily, acne and blemished skin and enlarged pores. Assists healing of acne lesions & reduces inflammation and reveals a glowing dewy complexion.
Our medicinal peel employs high-tech, exfoliant ingredients to fight the bacteria that cause acne. An advanced peel treatment, it resolves breakouts, smooths scarring and dissolves deep follicular congestion while it decreases inflammation and promotes healing. May be used on a regular basis to keep deep follicular congestion under control.
Mild peels designed to address fine lines, sun damage and scarring. 30%, 50% or 70% Glycolic Peels.

At Facial Attraction We Care About Your Skin

Use Osmosis products for at least 2 weeks. The liposomal delivery system in the MediiSkin serums is a key part of the Dermal Infusion Peel penetration.

Any Osmosis treatment serum can be used as they all have the two most important prepping ingredients: Retinaldehyde and Phosphatidylcholine.

Microdermabrasion and other exfoliating procedures may be used prior to the peel application to enhance the peeling effect. The more aggressive the pre-peel exfoliation is may result in more peeling time and can present more chance of sensitivity and swelling (usually resolves within 3 days).

*Osmosis Treatment Serums are available from the Facial Attraction at a clinic near you.

Use Osmosis Repair for 7-10 days post treatment to increase remodelling effects of the infusion and aid in cell turnover This strengthens your Langerhans cells (skins immune cells), promotes healthy new cell function, and hydrates the skin. If you have an oily/Acneic skin type, the Clinical Skin Glucana cream is recommended instead of the RepairSkin.

This ensures that stimulated collagen and elastin is produced

*Osmosis Treatment Serums are available from the Facial Attraction  at a clinic near you.