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Laser Hair Removal Melbourne

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For Laser Hair Removal, Facial Attraction uses the Starlux SIPL system and the Sciton BBL system which have been chosen for their flexibility in achieving outstanding results for different skin types and treatment areas of the face & body.

The Starlux SIPL Laser Hair Removal system offers a unique combination of high energy (up to 4 times more than most other IPL systems) with patented smooth pulse technology, and integrated contact cooling.

We can select different wavelengths, pulse widths, energy levels and temperature, functions some other systems do not possess.

What this means to you is faster and safer Laser Hair Removal treatments, with outstanding results!

Additionally multiple wavelengths can be used to safely treat all skin colours. Thanks to a range of special patented hand pieces, combined with clinician expertise, outstanding results for Laser Hair Removal are being achieved for male and female clients with tanned skin & darker skin types including Asian, European, Indian and African.

For more information on the Starlux / BBL System and the SIPL v Laser 

Most clients will need a course of six treatments (men may need up to eight) approximately six weeks apart. A permanent hair reduction of 80 - 90% is expected after a course of treatments, with the thicker, darker hairs getting the best results.

Before and After a laser hair removal treatment

Laser Hair Removal Melbourne - Before Laser Hair Removal Melbourne - After
Before After


Benefits of Facial Attraction - Laser Hair Removal Treatments

Super Intense Pulsed Light systems have many advantages over laser and older/cheaper IPL machines for permanent hair reduction.

  • Outstanding results with Minimal pain

  • Reduced treatment times and lower cost due to the larger spot hand-piece's used

  • Can treat a wider range of clients (skin type, hair type) than any one laser due to interchangeable hand-piece's

  • Experienced and highly qualified Laser Clinicians across 10 Melbourne Locations

  • Has a photo-regenerative effect on tissue, and stimulates collagen.

Forget the time, cost, pain and mess associated with temporary methods and put an end to shaving rashes and ingrown hairs.

Pre-treatment skincare

 Prior to treatment you should not have sun exposure on the area to be treated or fake tan.

Mediiskin SunSkin - 100% natural, no preservatives, colours, or fragrances

MediiSkin SunSkin is by far the most moisturizing sunblock on the market, and a must for people about to have Laser Hair Removal, or with Pigmentation, Freckles, or other skin conditions.

MediiSkin SunSkin provides significant broad spectrum sunblock protection utilizing silica-coated micronized zinc. This is the safest sunblock ingredient available because it does not break down like uncoated zinc and it does not absorb into our system like micronized titanium.

*Mediiskin SunSkin is available from the Facial Attraction on-line store or talk with one of our clinicians at a clinic near you.

Post-treatment skincare

ASAP Soothing gel & ASAP Clearskin gel if prone to ingrown hairs.

How much is a treatment?

When looking for a suitable clinic & clinician you need to compare how many treatments you will need and the effectiveness of each treatment being performed.

If you require more treatments at a reduced price, in the long run it will end up costing you more money and time.

You will also need to factor in the expertise of the Clinician – as in most things in life – you get what you pay for. If the clinician is inexperienced, they can under treat and you will see no result or over treat, which will increase the risks of adverse reactions.

Please refer our offers page for package deals & enquire about our Maintenance Rates & Special Student Pricing.

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