Laser Hair Removal North Melbourne

At Facial Attraction we have been servicing clients in North Melbourne for over 10 years, conveniently located in Collins Street Melbourne Laser Hair Removal can reduce hair, with long term, permanent results.

In order to remove unwanted hairs, and prevent them from regrowing, Facial Attraction utilises Medical Grade Laser and IPL technologies to target the pigment within the hair for clients in North Melbourne. The darker the pigment of the hair, the more effective the treatment. Therefore, blonde, grey or auburn hairs will not work with Laser and IPL removal.

The devices we use, have a specific wavelength of light, to perfectly target the pigment, but also penetrate to the depth of the hair root, making them the most effective devices on the market. They utilise cooling technology, to protect the surrounding skin, and make the treatment extremely comfortable.

During a treatment, hairs within the growing phase, known as Anagen, will be destroyed, but as we only ever have roughly 20% of hairs in this phase, we need to perform multiple treatments to achieve the desired results. Usually spaced 4-6 weeks apart, with most people achieving their hair loss requirements in between 4-12 sessions. We recommend maintenance sessions to be performed every 12 months after desired result is achieved

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FAQ’s and Consultation

What Does It Feel Like?

Due to our cooling technology incorporated into the Laser and IPL devices, this is a very comfortable treatment. You can feel a slight flicking sensation which can be warm on the skin. You and your therapist will both wear appropriate safety glasses during the treatment, and the skin afterwards may appear temporarily red. Some clients may experience temporary swelling..

Why Choose Facial Attraction?

Not only do we employ Dermal Clinicians with the highest Australian Wide qualifications, but they also have a minimum of 5 years of laser experience prior to employment. We utilise Medical Grade safe and effective devices, combined with affordable prices and package discount options. We pride ourselves on providing honest information and advice, always doing a full consultation with a FREE test patch, and endeavour to keep your comfort and safety as our priority.

How does it work?

Laser Hair Removal works by beaming a laser at the skin follicle which is absorbed through the pigment in your skin. This results in the stymying of further hair growth from the follicle. Whilst the procedure sounds somewhat painful, in practice these follicles are very small and through our modern laser technology, discomfort is minimised.

How many treatments or sessions do I need to achieve permanent hair reduction?

In order to effectively treat an area, we suggest at least four to six sessions will be necessary – although this depends on the thickness, colour and density of your hair. After these sessions you will enjoy significantly less ongoing hair growth for your treated areas. You may need to have an occasional treatment in the years to come in order to maintain the hair free results.

Which areas can you treat?

Laser  is generally effective on most parts of the body. Some parts of the body respond better than others, for example – it may not be as effective on men’s faces due to significantly denser hair compared with lip and chin treatments on women. We suggest you speak with our clinical staff to find out if Laser Hair Removal is right for you.

Why choose laser in stead of shaving or waxing?

Waxing is typically painful and more expensive over time. For those who suffer from ingrown hairs the process can be frustratingly painful. Shaving requires regular attention and can also cause ingrown hairs, particularly on sensitive areas of skin such as the bikini line. Laser treatments overcome this through the prevention of hair growth from the follicle.

How much does hair laser removal cost?

The price of our treatments varies depending on the region of your body and the number of treatments you have purchased. Typically, Laser Hair Removal represents a much more affordable alternative than high-quality razors or ongoing waxing.

Please call our friendly clinical staff or see our full pricing for further information.

How Do I Start?

To book in for your free consultation and test patch, Simply call 1300 735 234. Your clinician will discuss realistic and achievable results with you on the day of your appointment.

Consultation and Test Patch

We pride ourselves on offering the safest treatments in Victoria, and therefore, we always perform a full consultation with a FREE test patch, to ensure you are suitable for the treatment. During this consultation, you will read over and complete our consultation and consent forms, and your clinician will explain the treatment in detail. We will determine your suitability, and discuss your options, possible causes of the excess hair, medical conditions and determine the best course of action for you.

We constantly gain new clients from competitor clinics, because no consultation was performed, and unwanted side effects have occurred. By performing the consultation and test patch, we can ensure we provide the best possible treatment for you. Usually this booking takes about 30 minutes to complete, and you have the opportunity to have all of your questions answered as well. Then you may go home and make an informed decision about choosing Facial Attraction to perform your treatments. We are so confident that we are the best, that we encourage our clientele to go for multiple consultations, as this will give you the opportunity to see exactly why we are the #1 Laser provider for Victoria.

Before Your Treatment

Hair should not be plucked or waxed for at least 2 weeks prior to your treatment. The root of the hair must be present, in order for the treatment to be effective. The hair must however, be shaven the day before your treatment. This eliminates the chance of any laser energy being absorbed by the hair outside of the skin, which can cause an ineffective treatment.

You must NOT sunbathe, naturally tan or fake tan for 2 weeks prior to your treatment. Darkening of the skin will cause either an ineffective treatment, or can potentially lead to side effects such as burning. This is because the laser energy s attracted to pigment, so if all the energy is attracted to fake tan for example, the epidermal layers will burn, and the hair will receive no heat.

The area must be free from cosmetics, sunscreen and deodorant. Your clinician will provide you with cleansing wipes to remove these products if required.
If you have a history of cold sores, and are having the upper lip treated, you may wish to begin appropriate anti-viral treatment prior to commencing laser therapy.