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We have the latest, non-surgical, non-invasive yet most effective skin treatments available today. Nothing can treat pigmentation, sun damage or facial redness as quickly and effectively as our Skin Rejuvenation programs using the Starlux SIPL Laser.

Facial Attraction Dermal Practitioners and Clinicians specialise in treating and managing a vast array of skin problems such as pigmentation, rosacea, visible capillaries, acne, scarring and premature skin aging due to sun exposure.

Green Light Therapy

Green Light Therapy decreases pigmentation. This colour diode therapy will reduce overall redness and irritation, decreasing the chances of post inflammatory hyper- pigmentation.

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Pre and Post Treatment FAQ’s

How Long Does The Procedure Take?

Unlike invasive surgery, Skin Rejuvenation is a “Walk-in, Walk out” procedure and thanks to the latest technology used by Facial Attraction Laser & Skin Clinic, most of our patients can resume most normal activities or go back to work immediately.

A full face can be treated in just under an hour, making it an ideal “lunch-time” procedure. The procedure is safe enough for application on the neck, chest and hands.

How Safe is The Procedure?

Pulses of safe filtered light that are selectively attracted to the pigment in skin (melanin) and pigment in blood (haemoglobin) are emitted into the skin. This vaporises them into much smaller molecules that are either then absorbed via the lymphatic system or removed by the body (micro-crusting). In addition, the bulk heating causes our cells to produce more collagen and elastin to help with fine lines, scarring and overall texture.

Pre -Treatment Care

Skin area to be treated must not recently have been exposed to UV rays. Take Vitamin C to inhibit melanin.

Pigmentation: Osmosis Enlighten is a recommended vitamin A (retinaldehyde) based product suitable to prep the skin for the two weeks prior to treatment.

Osmosis Enlightenalso has 17 lightening ingredients to help lighten the unwanted excess pigment and contains tyrosinase inhibitors which helps prevent any excess release of pigment in the skin.

Osmosis Enlighten is safe for use during pregnancy and is 100% natural and has no preservatives, colours, or fragrances.

* Osmosis kits for Pigmentation and Rosacea are exclusively available from the Facial Attraction clinic near you.

Post -Treatment Care

Ensure the skin is protected from the sun and UV rays. Omit Enlighten usage for 4-6 days post treatment and use Osmosis Repair for 7-10 days post treatment to speed healing and increase remodelling.

Pigmentation: the most effective way to prevent excess pigment from being released within the skin is by using a Tyrosinase inhibitor. A Tyrosinase inhibitor prevents excess pigmentation from being released within the skin.

Vitamin C (L-ascorbic Acid 23%): Is also a potent antioxidant to help feed and strengthen the skin. Also the antioxidants will help fight free radical damage which can also contribute to cellular DNA damage, which causes cell to reproduce damaged cells.

L-ascorbic Acid is also a known Tyrosinase inhibitor blocking excess pigment released by cells as a response to UV stimulation. L-ascorbic can be found in the Osmosis product range more specifically in the Osmosis Enlighten.

Rosacea: most people think of Rosacea and Sensitive skin as conditions that require non-active products, because of their tendency to over-react. The important distinction is that these skin types need non-irritating, active ingredients to remodel their damaged skin in a way that promotes healing.

Osmosis CalmSkin: dramatically lightens the skin, has nine liposome-coated tyrosinase inhibitors, remodels scar tissue, restores barrier health, calms inflammation, remodels scarring from sun damage, restores dermal thickness, hydrates, protects against UV rays.

Mineral Makeup is recommended as they do not tend to enter the skin and exacerbate rosacea, whilst offering protection from the sun.

*Osmosis kits for Pigmentation, Rosacea and are exclusively available from the Facial Attraction clinic near you.

Client Testimonial

I am a fair skinned 50 year old male who for years had a permanently red neck due to sun exposure earlier in life. I regularly applied sunscreen and avoided tanning but my neck never went back to looking like it did before the sun damage. My neck looked inflamed and was clearly a different colour to the rest of my body. I also avoided wearing collarless shirts as I was very self conscience having a long neck with a sun burnt look. The skin on my neck was also hot to the touch and uncomfortable. Facial Attraction was recommended for laser treatment to alleviate the redness and discomfort of my neck. In all honesty I did not have high expectations and would have been happy just to have had a reduction in the symptoms. The staff at Facial Attraction carefully explained why my neck had become red and answered my questions clearly and without hesitation.
After the first laser treatment I noticed an immediate difference and within 1 week large areas of skin had returned to a pale skin colour. In total I have undergone three treatments and the results are dramatic. The skin on my neck is evenly pale and looks like the skin of a teenager (well I think so anyway). I no longer have the discomfort and constant heat either.
Am I happy? you bet. I would like to thank the staff at Facial Attraction for their professionalism and for the confidence they have given me. I will continue to use a sunscreen but now I can also wear any type of shirt I choose too.” –
Steven, Creative Director