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Broken Capillaries and Spider Veins

Facial Attraction offers the latest, non-surgical, non-invasive yet most effective skin treatments available today. Millions of women and men are bothered by unwanted blood vessels such as spider veins and broken capillaries. Spider veins appear to be a collection of broken capillaries, stemming from a centre point, whereas a standard broken capillary might be one capillary alone, and can range from a 1mm dot, to a few cm’s long. We see these on the face and legs especially, however they can appear anywhere on the body.

We can generally treat using our advanced Diathermy treatment, in as little as 5 seconds. For those who suffer from many broken capillaries – we offer 15 minute blocks, usually sufficient to treat an entire face, and entire leg. The results are instant, however it takes 1-2 weeks to completely heal, and you might require multiple treatments, although generally one achieves great results.

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